Monday, 2 February 2009

It really is freezing in London

Well, for once the weathermen got it right! No trains, no buses - no work!! Weather like this calls for some comfort food methinks!

And still the snow comes down! The back garden is a complete no go area for the cats save in extremis.

I have perused the contents of the fridge and freezer and have found the following ingredients:
- two onions
- 6 Cumberland sausages (again courtesy of Moens Clapham)
- A Swede
- Some Maris Piper potatoes
- Savoy cabbage

I also have some eggs and was contemplating making a toad in the hole with onion gravy but have decided instead to roast the sausages with some onions and thyme and then make the onion gravy in the roasting pan (tricky if you are doing toad in the hole unless you want to wash up another roasting pan - which I do not). I will have the sausages with some buttered savoy cabbage and a mix of mashed potato and mashed swede or, as my mother used to call it, "potch".

I read somewhere recently that eating even one sausage can increase your risk of cancer by X%. When sausages are as good as these bad boys I will take that risk! Happiness is clearly the key to a long life and these are little packets of happiness on a day like today!


Pam said...

A nice hearty dinner for when it's cold outside. It looks like a delicious meak.

TonyM said...

Thank you Pam. It was just what the doctor ordered!